Can Spider Man On Broadway Compete With The Spider Man Movie Version?

Why would anyone want to see Spider Man Broadway version if the reviews from critics have been harsh? Would it be better to just stick to the good ol’ big screen and comic books instead?

On the other hand, why listen to critics when their batting average isn’t that great? In fact, since Spider Man Broadway style is the first Broadway play of epic proportions, they’re just as clueless as everyone else when it comes to grand technical gestures that are being promised with this play. Their level of exposure to amazing is the helicopter in Miss Saigon, and Peter Pan flying across the stage in the Peter Pan, the Musical. This is the first time we see a super hero of the magnitude and popularity of Spider Man on the theater stage.

Spidey fans will love their favorite super hero no matter what venue or platform is being used, so expect this Spider Man Broadway play to be a huge success, and hopefully go on tour around the country.

As far as comparing the Spidey Broadway version to the movie version, this is not a good idea. First of all, theater has limitations that movies don’t have. Also, you get close-up and spectacular shots with a movie camera that you will never find in theater.

As for the benefits of watching theater, you have the stage, live actors, live performances, so the tendency is to get swept away by the whole experience. Everything becomes more real and tangible compared to a movie version. Imagine Spidey a few feet away, performing just for a relatively small crowd! This is an experience that no one should ever pass up. You will be transported to a place where dreams can come true. Nothing can compare the majesty and thrill of seeing your favorite super hero before you.

Thus, when watching Spider Man Broadway version, don’t bring any expectations with you. Just go with the flow. Let the actors, music, and set envelope you to a world you’ve always read about – the world of Peter Parker and how an unassuming, confused young man learned to overcome his inner struggles and find his identity.